My dear friends and supporters!

Golf is a great game - it teaches a person to focus, to learn patience, to discover new traits of his character, to compete with oneself, to enjoy nature and many other things. Golf is a challenge to every player and at the same time the greatest passion in life. Professional golfer's life is not easy - you have to follow your own routine, make fitness exercises, practice a lot in every weather condition and be mentally strong for good focus on a course. You need to be a strong person to attract great persons around you who believes in you, supports you and leads you to your victories. And nevertheless I love it!

I am thankful to have an opportunity to be the first professional Turkish golfer to play in different European tours. My aim is to enter European Tour and present the world Turkey as a country of great golfers and I am working hard to reach my goal.


My dream is to do it and encourage a lot of kids in Turkey to follow me.

I would like to thank a lot all the people who support me and believe in me and especially,

my golf teacher and coach Farid Guedra - famous and great golf pro at Emmaboda Golf Club in Sweden who relentlessly spent efforts and time on me and who supports my ambitions. Farid and his wife Susanne gave me a sense of home during my time in Emmaboda Golf Club, to where I return every year;

Robert Karlsson – one of the top professional golf players in Europe, who took time and interest in my golf ambitions and supported me and who teaches me leadership. Robert is of great inspiration to me and I look forward to meet him every time;

and my Manager Jan Hildingstam, who early convinced me to shift from a professional football to a professional golf career. He has been and still is my mentor and adviser and keen supporter. Jan organized my first meetings with Farid and Robert and he and his wife Christina has been very supportive and always open their home to me whenever I am playing tournaments in Sweden.




Cahit Kaya